"Charting a cartoonish frolic through dolphin pop and Seventies sci-fi, Norway/UK duo Toy are a rabid, bleep-addled joy. They`re also the finest literally designated alliance since Chubby Checker And The Fat Boys. Asserting they met in the Casio dept of London plaything emporium Hamley`s, Toy are House Of Hiss/Sensible Twins stalwart Alisdair Stirling and producer/sound engineer Jorgen Traeen (Sondre Lerche, Jaga Jazzist). Together, they manoeuvre an iridescent voyage through aquarium lounge-bop, dulcimer wack-hop and madcap Japanese electronica. An oddly hypnotic and sunny diversion, Toy`s playful, trance-inducing ways range over loping Honey Monster dub (The All Seeing Eye); surrealistic cheeky beats (Rabbit Pushing Mower); and Atari fanfare cabaret (Googie Fream Home): a peculiarly brazen, Scandinavian gem" (Nicola Meighan, Plan B)