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Inquiries regarding Kim Hiorthøy


About e-mails/inquiries

We get a lot of mails from people every day about different things regarding Smalltown Supersound, our artists and our music. Smalltown Supersound is a small operation, and unfortunately we don`t have the capacity to get back to all of you who e-mail us. We feel bad about that, but unfortunately thats the way it is running a small label with very limited capacity. Anyway we really appreciate all the kind mails we get, and we can ensure you that all of them are being read. Hope you understand our situation and don`t find us rude. Thank you!

About demos

Unfortunately we don`t have the capacity to answer all the letters with demos, the mails with music files and the mails about demos that is being sent to us. We`re very sorry about that, but the amount of demos is too big for us to answer all properly. We appreciate that you show us the interest. Thanks!