"The duo of Alisdair Stirling and Jurgen Traeen met (allegedly) in the music department at Hamley's toyshop. A bond was formed among the Casio keyboards and xylophones, and thus Toy were born. Cooked up via the magic of the internet (Traeen lives in Norway, Stirling in the UK), this is the soundtrack to a dayglo, battery powered plastic world of robots, spaceships and drumming rabbits. Lopsided rhythms trundle away underneath shiny, synthetic melodies. If the Radiophonic Workshop had ever teamed up with the Yellow Magic Orchestra to produce themes for kids TV programmes, they'd sound like this. At their best Toy make a joyful noise; childlike (but not childish) and playfully evocative. They even sample "Sparky's Magic Piano" (possibly the scariest record ever made) and make it into something reassuring and innocently beautiful. Yummy." (BBC)