The new 12" by Bjørn Torske is one of the records of the week at Piccadilly Records in London. You can order the record from them here or, or you can order from our Superstore. Here is what they say: After recent-ish releases on Telle (his last being 2003's "Trobbel" and his remake of Mental Overdrive's "Diskodans"), creative Norwegian old hand (he was releasing 12"s on labels like Djaxx-Up-Beats and Reinforced as far back as th early 90s) and general leftfield genius, Bjorn Torske joins the Town Super Sound guys for this 30 minute long 12". The title track is one of those quirky avant-disco records that just seem to grow like mushrooms in Norway (maybe it's the extra-long hours of darkness..), complete with clanky percussion and creaking gate noises. It's joined by two extra-long tracks of dark, heavy psychedelic dub which will have you in a horizontal position within seconds; "Skabbdabb" and "Dubet" (think Duane Eddy in dub mode!) which features the Bjorn Torske Big Band, aka Jorgen 'Sir Duperman' Traeen of Toy, John Hegre of Jazzkammer / Kaptein Kaliber and David Asheim also of Kaptein Kaliber. Don't miss this one!