A personal note about Anja Lauvdal's From a Story Now Lost

Anja Lauvdal Story.jpg

A personal note is insights and thoughts from the label:

This is a very special album for me. Anja Lauvdal is actually from the smalltown of Flekkefjord (a town with a population of 4000 people in the south of Norway) where I in the 90s started Smalltown Supersound while I was in high-school. And a young Anja grew up listening to the music we put out on the label, starting to listen to free jazz at the age of 12…

So for me this album is a full circle. And also the fact that we got our favourite electronic producer Laurel Halo to produce it just made it all 100% complete. If this was not enough we managed to get a photo from the legendary Nigel Shafran from his long out-of-print cult book Ruth Book from 1996, making the artwork something unique and very very special. The title is borrowed from a Ray Pettibon litography. And then there is mixing done by Jim Ginzburg, and mastering by Rashad Becker. For me, this album has it all. And although it's a quiet and a very non-insisting album, it might also be the ultimate Smalltown Supersound album. Poetic and beautiful and in its very own world.

Thank you Anja! And thank you Laurel! For letting us into your beautiful musical minds.

Joakim Haugland

Founder Smalltown Supersound