Bendik Giske announces new album produced by Beatrice Dillon out 9th of June

Now on the cusp of his third solo album, Norwegian saxophonist knows himself well. With his new, self-titled record, he is in his prime as an artist: confident in his …

Bandcamp profiles Smalltown Supersound

Bandcamp selects their favourite Smalltown releases and more. Thank you Bandcamp!

Deathprod NTS mix

Listen to the mix here. Tracklisting below

01. Stina Stjern – In Sacred Ecstasy
02. Laurie Spiegel – Pentachrome
03. Stina Stjern – Light Up Your Eyes
04. Else …

Anja Lauvdal's debut album From A Story Now Lost is out now

You can now listen to the album digitally and you can order the LP from Boomkat and Bandcamp among others

A personal note about Anja Lauvdal's From a Story Now Lost

A personal note is insights and thoughts from the label:

This is a very special album for me. Anja Lauvdal is actually from the smalltown of Flekkefjord (a town with …