Actress - Statik - new album out 7th June

In the dark woods, beyond blood-flecked pines, a silent pool (a portal) shimmers.

Gaze in. Look hard. Glitch the mind’s eye.

See the new moon static in a smoke-hazed sky. …

André Bratten - Slay Tracks

Anost // Boomkat

Limited edition LP 300 copies clear vinyl. Mastered and cut by Beau Thomas. Artwork by Kim Hiorthøy.

Smalltown Supersound special at Rinse by Phonographe Corp

Honored about this great 1 hour special programme on by Phonographe Corp. Listen here

Surprise Smalltown tribute mix from DJ Kekq in Kyoto

We were surprised and happy to hear this mix of Smalltown Supersound music made by Kekq in Kyoto. Very inspiring - and a mix that really goes to the core …

Anja Lauvdal wins Edvard Prize 2023 for From a Story Now Lost

Congratulations Anja! More info here (in Norwegian only, sorry). Photo by Nina Holtan