Telescope Mind is the title of the new Tussle album that is just finshed recorded. This is probably one of the best albums that has ever been released on Smalltown Supersound. We just love it, and it is in many ways the ultimate Supersound. You`ll understand when you hear it. The album will be ...

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    "British-Norwegian pair`s quirky pop. Toy`s Alisdair Stirling and Jorgen Traeen claim to have met in the Casio department on the fifth floor of Hamley`s, and take inspiration from Pingu and noise music. We know for certain that their cascading reverie "Rabbit Pushing Mower" opened Annie`s recent DJ Kicks selection, and that ...

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    "Charting a cartoonish frolic through dolphin pop and Seventies sci-fi, Norway/UK duo Toy are a rabid, bleep-addled joy. They`re also the finest literally designated alliance since Chubby Checker And The Fat Boys. Asserting they met in the Casio dept of London plaything emporium Hamley`s, Toy are House Of Hiss/Sensible Twins stalwart ...

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    "The duo of Alisdair Stirling and Jurgen Traeen met (allegedly) in the music department at Hamley's toyshop. A bond was formed among the Casio keyboards and xylophones, and thus Toy were born. Cooked up via the magic of the internet (Traeen lives in Norway, Stirling in the UK), this is the soundtrack to a ...

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    Good reviews keeps on coming for Toy`s debut album. Now also Pitchfork has given the album a very good review and describes the album as a "curiously humorous and bold debut album". You can read the whole reviewhttp://www.pitchforkmedia.com/record-reviews/t/toy/toy.shtml/ here