Supersilent: new album - 13 - out 30. September

Supersilent: new album - 13 -  out 30. September

We are happy to announce that Supersilent is now part of the Smalltown Supersound familiy. They are one of our alltime favorite bands and it is an honor to work with them now.

Supersilent 13: You can’t accuse Supersilent  of keeping the noise down. Ever since the Big Crunch of 1997, when Norway’s finest free music ouJit came together for the first Kme, their unpredictable noises and rapturous textures have been heard all around the world – and maybe somewhere outside the stratosphere too.Currently a trio featuring Helge Sten , Arve Henriksen , and Ståle Storløkken , Supersilent’s album number 13  (out September 30th ) marks a turning point in the group’s two-decade career. ASer a dozen recordings under the umbrella of the diverse Rune Grammofon  label, Supersilent have now signed to Oslo-based Smalltown Supersound , where they join the likes of Lindstrøm , DJ Harvey , Prins Thomas , and Andre Bra=en  as labelmates. One week prior to the new album’s release, Smalltown Supersound will also release the band’s extensive back catalogue in it’s enarety across digital plaborms . This is the first Kme these albums have ever been made available to the public digitally. Mostly taped in an Oslo studio at the end of 2014, the band record everything on 13  live, while blasKng their sound through a PA system, so that they can feel the physical air moving as if they were on stage. Tracks 1 and 5 date from 2009, immediately aSer their drummer’s exit. “They were tryout sessions to see how we should proceed,” says Helge. “It was a kind of research for the band to feel how it is to be three, not four, and to blow off some steam.” All of Supersilent’s music is enKrely unplanned, with all three experienced musical adventurers throwing themselves into the moment and riding the emerging maelstrom. They always manage to surprise you, whether it’s the Indonesian ritual music heard from a Scandinavian mountaintop on the opening track “13.1”  or the compressed digital labyrinths of “13.9,”  the la`er of which premiered earlier this morning via FACT . The trio swap instruments with abandon: percussion, trumpet and woodwind, electronics and Storl.kken’s collectable assortment of vintage keyboards. In this technologized environment, sounds are passed around, distorted and spat out again in tantalizing splurges. “It takes Kme to shape a band from the beginning,” says Helge, “but for us now the trio is working really well.” With Supersilent’s lucky 13 , now you can be the judge of that.

13 tracklist:

 01. 13.1

02. 13.2

03. 13.3

04. 13.4

05. 13.5

06. 13.6

07. 13.7

08. 13.8

09. 13.9