"When it comes to making contemporary cosmic disco andf bizarre Balearic rock, no one does it quite like the Norwegians. God knows what they put in the water in Oslo, but unbelieveably brilliant "scando-disco" and "scando-learic" (geddit?) records are emerging from the city than you can say "pining from thne fjords". Don`t believe us? Then check this mix from Oslo DJs G-Ha and Olanskii, residents at Sunkissed, the city`s leading electronic club night. Its a brilliant snapshot of where Norwegian electronic music is right now, showcasing the best the scene has to offer. Expect wonkiness, weirdness and cosmicity aplenty, with quirky, downright deranged tracks and remixes from Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas, Todd Terje, Magnus Internasjonal, Blackbelt Andersen, Mungolian Jetset (who`s bonkers remix of LSB stands out), Bjorn Torske, Rune Lindbæk and Mental Overdrive. It is, quite simply brilliant. Don`t miss out" (5/5 IDJ Magazine)