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A Personal Note About: Biosphere - Departed Glories

A Personal Note About: Biosphere - Departed Glories

A Personal Note are thoughts, feelings, reflections and insights to our releases written by Smalltown Supersound’s founder.

Biosphere has followed me my whole life and Patashnik was probably the first electronic music I heard when I was in my teens. That changed my view on music, and is one of the reasons why Smalltown Supersound sounds how it sounds today. So in many ways signing Biopshere is full circle. I can`t speak for Geir (aka Biosphere), but for me this is a homecoming. We had already worked for a while with some tracks when Geir suddenly out of the blue sent me Departed Glories and said this was something that he had worked on for 5 years and wanted me to hear. My jaw dropped when I pressed play that early Easter Sunday morning and heard the album for the first time. This was exactly what I had dreamed of. A Biosphere pushed to its limits. In many ways the ultimate Biosphere album. I feel this album is closer to the minimalism of Tony Conrad than to the ambient world that he is (most) often compared to. Whatever it is called, it is a beautiful album and we are grateful that we get to release an album like this.

Joakim Haugland

Oslo - August 2016