A Personal Note about: Dungen - Häxan

A Personal Note about: Dungen - Häxan

A Personal Note are thoughts, feelings, reflections and insights to our releases written by Smalltown Supersound’s founder.

Dungen is the band/artist on Smalltown Supersound who has most fans among the other bands/artists on the label. And it has been like this since the early 2000s. So when we got a chance to work with Dungen it was a dream come true! I might be a strange fit with a label that is mostly known for electronic music, but they have a psychedelic and cosmic feel that is very related to the electronic music that Smalltown Supersound releases. Prins Thomas for examples, lists Dungen as his no 1 favourite band. And I have no problems understanding that when I hear Thomas’ music. Häxan is their first instrumental album, here they float in and out of space, sometimes into big ambient spaces sometimes they take a very sharp left into raw primitive rock-outs that I haven`t heard and enjoyed this much since Dead C’s Harsh 70s Reality. Häxan is pure art. I totally love it!!

Joakim Haugland, November 2016