A Personal Note about: Deathprod trilogy

A Personal Note about: Deathprod trilogy

A Personal Note are thoughts, feelings, reflections and insights to our releases written by Smalltown Supersound’s founder.

Deathprod’s Treetop Drive has been with me since I bought it when it was released on Metal Art Disco (a subsidary of Voices of Wonder) in 1994 (thank you to Christian Nedregård who first signed Deathprod and also founded the Metal Art Disco label). Treetop Drive has in other words followed me my whole grown up life and that fact that it now finally lands on Smalltown Supersound is a dream come true. Treetop Drive is a minimalist masterpiece that continues to move me the same way in 2017 as in 1994. Treetop Drive and the rest of his trilogy still continues to open new rooms in my head. With Morals & Dogma being on of my favourite minimalist albums of all time!

The trilogy is cut to vinyl for the first time ever by Rashad Becker. To have been part of the communication between Helge Sten (aka Deathprod) and Rashad Becker was just like listening to a language I have never heard before in my life. But the result is a thing of beauty, the albums are finally complete and have now got the treatment they deserve and we can listen to them as intented when they was made, but that technology didn`t allow, until now.

And thank you to Helge Sten for trusting us to release these albums again in the complete form.


Joakim Haugland, May 2017