Mungolian Jetset album out this week + great Mixmag review

Mungolian Jetset's weird and wonderful Schlungs is out this week on CD, stream, download. The LP will be ready in 4 weeks time, double and DJ friendly.

Check out this great review in Mixmag



Pivotal players in the Norwegian music scene, this Oslo outfit deliver their highly anticipated ‘Schlungs’ album on Smalltown. And, as with everything done by Mungs (brainchild of Pål Nyhus and Knut Petter Sævik), it’s out there but accessible with a touch of genius about it. Recent hit ‘Moon Jocks n Prog Rocks’ is present and correct, ‘Bella Lanay’ is an infectious piece of happy disco-pop, ‘We Are The Shining’ an intergalactic piece of vocal, cosmic excellence, and the epic ‘Smoke n Mirrors’ is like three songs in one. Get jetsetting out and buy this now.
Craig Torrance

File under Psychedelic dance-pop
Download ‘Moon Jocks n Prog Rocks’, ‘Bella Lanay’, ‘We Are The Shining’, ‘Smoke n Mirrors’
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