Mungolian Jetset album of the week at Piccadilly

Mungolian Jetset "Moon Jocks n Prog Rocks (the remixes)" 12" with remixes by Todd Terje (two actually), Frisvold & Lindbæk and Montezuma is out now! It is album if the week at Piccadilly Records. You can order and read more at Piccadilly



Here is what Piccadilly says:
At last we get remix version of the sought-after "Moon Jocks n Prog Rocks", featuring hot remixes from Todd Terje, Montezuma as well as Frisvold & Lindbaek.

Whether you find any truth in that or not, one thing is for sure, the new single by the printer-galactic troopers of Mungol is one hell of a ride through the sonic wonders of discofied art involving one dude's rather merciless meeting with the (un)godly. It only happens occasionally, but it DOES happen. You've probably heard rumors, or read about it somewhere. Maybe it even happened to YOU? With "Moon Jocks n Prog Rocks", Mungolian Jet Set have put it - literally - on the record: abductions by beatmongering disco aliens with prog-rock fetishes are on the rise, sometimes with hilariously fatal consequences, such as this tale of one unfortunate individual's meeting with the more funky forces of the Cosmos.

Master of the big tune, Todd Terje is up first with a rework that sounds like those aliens took a left turn at the sign post maked 'southern boogie-funk'. This is all about the riffing clavinet bassline and funky soft-rock guitar lick combination - a sleazy dancefloor winner. Not content with one rework, Todd then drops another - basically the same idea, but with a thwomping 4/4 slapped underneath for a disco-house flavour. Montezuma supplies some deep trippy disco vibes, while Frisvold & Lindbaek go for a driving Italo / cosmic disco style percussive romp.

A1. Moonjocks N Prog Rocks (Todd Terje's Schlong Tong Vocal Version)
A2. Moonjocks N Prog Rocks (Todd Terje's Even Stiv-En Dub Version)
B1. Moonjocks N Prog Rocks (Montezuma's Revenge Version)
B2. Moonjocks N Prog Rocks (Frisvold & Lindbaek Mix)