Lindstrøm: Where You Go I Go Too

Lindstrøm: Where You Go I Go Too

It is with great pleasure that we now present Lindstrøm`s new album Where You Go I Go To. This album should actually be regarded as Lindstrøm’s debut album as the previously released It’s a Feedelity Affair was a compilation of singles. Well known for his epic and ultra melodic disco, it might come as a surprise that this album only contains three long tracks, with the opening track being almost 29 minutes long(!). But when you listen to this album, you hear that it is still very much Lindstrøm. . . just more Lindstrøm-- bigger, longer, more epic, and more melodic. And we just love it!

Lindstrøm began working on this album in November of 2007. He had been working on many tracks since the release of It’s A Feedelity Affair, but decided to use only three of them for this album. Lindstrøm says, “I realized that working within 30 minutes instead of five minutes frames forced me to think very differently to what I was used to . . . when working on longer tracks, there’s so much more time to develop different themes and to let them evolve.”

In comparing It’s A Feedelity Affair to Where You Go I Go Too, Lindstrøm says “Musically, Where You Go. . . has many of the same qualities. I’d say it’s the opposite of minimalism because I’ve used lots of layers to create the soundscapes I wanted to work on. However, it differs to It’s A Feedelity Affair in the way that I worked on the album. I used three months to finish it, while I spent three years on It’s A Feedelity Affair. And while It’s A Feedelity Affair was a selection of 12” tracks created since I started the label, Where You Go. . . is made as a proper album. I first started working on the Where You Go. . . track and decided to use it as the title track, then I finished the other tracks. I really like working with an album in mind. I wanted it to sound a bit dramatic and like a long travel. All the tracks are between 10 and 30 minutes long which might be a challenge for some people to listen to it from beginning to end. It’s perfect for a long walk with headphones or when travelling by train or airplane.”

Lindstrøm`s career took off after a string of critically acclaimed 12” singles that alone started a movement the press later would call “space disco.” “I Feel Space”, the 12” track that started the fire, has now sold 17, 000 copies, an impressive number for a vinyl only release. Lindstrøm is also well known for his remixes and has remixed LCD Soundsystem, Roxy Music, Franz Ferdinand and the Killers, among others In 2005 he released a duo album with Norwegian DJ and friend Prins Thomas, titled “Lindstrom and Prins Thomas,” an album that was released on Eskimo Records to wide acclaim. After this all Lindstrøm’s 12” singles were compiled on the critically acclaimed It’s A Feedelity Affair album.

After the release of Where You Go I Go Too Lindstrom will release the second duo album with Prins Thomas on Eskimo Recordings, due late autumn 2008. Additionally, next year Lindstrøm will release another collaborative album with vocalists Solale. Not only is Lindstrøm productive, he also insists on keeping control over his own music. Lindstrøm owns his own publishing, owns his own music and releases his music on his own label, Feedelity, in collaboration with Oslo`s Smalltown Supersound.