Lindstrøm & Christabelle: NME cult album of the year

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But it’s not just drug-damaged cosmic explorers who somehow failed to set the world on fire in 2010. For reasons that seem unfathomable to me, 'Real Life Is No Cool' is the work of Norwegian disco/house producer Hans-Peter Lindstrom (known for his beardy cosmic noodling) and chameleonic pop disco singer Christabelle Sandoo (nee Solale). This team work can be traced back almost a decade to when she surreptitiously whacked some of her by turns sultry/aggressive/dead pan/exuberant vocals on one of his club bangers. But given this and the fact that tracks such as 'Music In My Mind' and 'Baby Can’t Stop' are club staples by now, doesn’t damage the utter freshness of this disc. Only someone from a rock background like Lindstrom would have the nerve to invoke Quincy Jones, Prince, Donna Summer, Patrick Cowley, Cerrone, Vangelis and Manuel Gottsching but thank God he did, given that he gets away with it entirely on such killer tracks as 'Love Sick'.