Lindstrøm 12" Record Of The Week at Piccadilly

And here is what they say: Introducing two brand new old Lindstrøm tracks: "The Magnificent" and "Disturbing The Perfect Symmetry". The "Leftovers EP" came about when Prins Thomas, Todd Terje and Smalltown Supersound were let into the Lindstrom vaults to have a nose about. With the amount of music Lindstrom makes he's bound to forget about some tracks, and these two were just found laying around on a shelf. When both these Nordic DJ / producers AND Smalltown Supersound insisted that the tracks had to be released, he decided it was maybe a good idea to actually put them out. "The Magnificent" sits somewhere between Roule era French house (big, anthemic, synthy) and Lindstrom's usual Balearic fair, while "Disturbing The Perfect Symmetry" is one for the cosmic / Balearic heads. If these two amazing cuts were left to gather dust, just imagine what else he's got squirrelled away!