Kelly Lee Owens is Piccadilly Records' Album Of The Year

Kelly Lee Owens is Piccadilly Records' Album Of The Year

We are extremely proud that Kelly Lee Owens' debut album made it to the top of the influential Piccadilly Records' best of 2017 list! The store has been extremely important for this album. It started with Kelly delivering her selfreleased 12" to the store personally. They took a few and she went home. They put the 12" on and was so impressed they called her and asked her to come back with more copies. Then they tweeted about it, telling how good the 12" was. This tweet caught the interest of Smalltown's founder Joakim Haugland, who checked the 12" out and fell in love Kelly's sound and contacted her, ending in Kelly's album coming out on Smalltown Supersound. So that fact that Piccadilly now makes the album their no 1 album of the year is full circle! So thank you Piccadilly for listening in the first place, and for writing so passionatly about Kelly's music and for making the album your no 1 album of the year! 

You can buy the album with all sorts of bonus materal, please visit Piccadilly here to learn more about it.