Diskjokke "Sagara" NY Times review

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New York Times review

of Diskjokke`s Sagara. The album is out Monday the 14th of June.

Joachim Dyrdahl, the Norwegian electronic-music producer known as Diskjokke, knows his way around a spaced-out disco beat: consult his first two albums, or his remixes of tracks by the likes of the xx and Lykke Li. He seeks out a deeper, slower, more meditative current on “Sagara” (Smalltown Supersound), his third album, inspired by Indonesian gamelan music. The beats here are wisps, less stated than implied, and the tonal spectrum derives from the metallophones used in the music of Java and Bali. (Mr. Dyrdahl visited both places while making the album, recording sounds and soaking up atmosphere.) It’s a concise album, just 35 minutes, but its ethereality makes the time drift slowly: the percussive plink of a piano (or something like it), about 24 minutes in, registers as a decisive event.