Now you can check out one of the tracks from Bjørn Torske`s upcoming Feil Knapp album at Pitchfork here.And this is what they say about it: "Something about this track from the Norwegian house producer's forthcoming album Fiel Knapp reminds me of "Stop 4 Love" by Basement Jaxx. Part of it's the efficiency of the thing, the way Torske, like the Jaxx before him, milks a startling amount of poignancy from just a couple chords. But it's also the way the track provides bright space for relaxed contemplation in the middle of a dance-oriented record. Everything here is so simple and clean and bright-- the pitter-patter bongos, couple notes on guitar, and bass that lingers a half-step behind the beat, like, hey, what's the hurry? And then it's back to those two chords, as they continue to nudge all negative energy upward, pointing toward what you know is a clear blue sky." (Pitchfork)