Carmen Villain - Planetarium EP out now on limited edition 12" and digital!

Carmen Villain - Planetarium EP out now on limited edition 12" and digital!

“A gorgeous composition that finds her celestial vocals floating atop a bed of white noise and cavernous piano chords.” –Stereogum

Carmen Villain’s “Planetarium” EP is out today via Smalltown Supersoundand now available to stream and download in full. Her sophomore full-length album is due out later this year; stay tuned for more details.

In the span of the last few solitudinous years, the US-born, half-Norwegian and half-Mexican has honed and nurtured her songwriting and production craft, while still drawing from the gossamer atmospheres of her debut album Sleeper. She weaved the hyper-personal songs in peaceful seclusion, creating starry tapestries of field recordings, piano, guitars, programmed drums and synths. 

The EP’s title-track, “Planetarium,” serves as the first glimpse into Carmen Villain's upcoming album, due out later this year. Melancholic piano and long wisps of reverb create a cocoon of warmth in the otherwise cold and desolate outer space in which “Planetarium” voyages. Lyrically, “Planetarium” captures hertypical contrast between rapture and irony, closing with a murmured coda recorded as she fell asleep one night.

Carmen Villain’s Planetarium EP is out today on Smalltown Supersound in 12” and digital formats. The EP also contains the instrumental track, "Safe,” as well as two remixes by the Italian ambient veteran Gigi Masin that seamlessly fuse Villain’s sound with his trademark avant-balearics. 

Gigi Masin about the collaboration: "I did some remix in the past, none like this made me so happy and honored. Carmen's voice and the tracks I listen were absolute beauty and the first thing in my mind was '..too beautifull, I could only damage this jewel..'. Then I've listen to the track several times, like a mantra.. It's a wonderfull track, her voice is really one of the best gift I had in music." 

Planetarium” EP Tracklisting:

01. Planetarium

02. Planetarium (Gigi Masin Remix)

03. Planetarium (Gigi Masin Alternate Version)

04. Safe