Bjørn Torske "Kok EP"

Bjørn Torske’s “Kok” EP, available digitally and on LP December 10th on Smalltown Supersound, marks the final release in Torkse’s Kok (“to boil”) trilogy. It began with the beautiful album, Kokning [Nov. 2010], was followed by the “Oppkok” 12” [Jan. 2012], featuring remixes by DJ Harvey and Todd Terje, and ends here with the “Kok” EP, which finds Torske in a more experimental mood; his love for The Residents, Count Ossie, Moondog and This Heat is more audible. Recorded around the same time as Kokning through a series of experimental studio sessions, the tracks are built on a more organic and acoustic foundation with less programmed patterns than Torske’s previous albums. The result is a darker and more psychedelic sound, yet still very much Torske’s own.