Bjørn Torske: 4 out of 5 in Time Out New York

Norwegian producer Bjørn Torske calls his music “skranglehouse.” Meaning what, you ask? We have no clue—which means its as good a term as any for Torske’s somewhat indescribable (but completely captivating) sound. Much like the songs of his 2007 long-player, Feil Knapp, the bulk of the cuts on Kokning gently unfurl in a relaxed manner, their muted synths, guitar strums and hypnotic rhythms coming off as an extremely easygoing version of krautrock. Occasionally, on tracks like “Nitten Nitti” and “Bergensere,” Torske makes references to the space disco of his countrymen. But for the most part, Kokning’s serene repetition and airy arrangements make it a good choice for a night of hazy, horizontal amusement. (Bruce Tantum, Time Out New York)