Biosphere - Departed Glories - on Fact's best of 3rd Quarter list

Biosphere - Departed Glories - on Fact's best of 3rd Quarter list

Fact Mag has put Biopshere on their list of the 25 best albums the last 3 months.

Twenty-five years and countless releases after his debut as Biosphere, Geir Jenssen’s creative spark has lost none of its brilliance. The name of his latest album important: Departed Glories is not only a departure in style for Jenssen, offering a markedly different sound and process from its predecessors, but references the key theme behind the record – the countless Polish citizens executed during World War II. Using Akira Rabelais’ unpredictable Argeïphontes Lyre software to distort and process samples of Eastern European folk music, he transforms haunting songs into blurred echoes and faded drones. The result is not unlike Rabelais’ own underrated masterpiece Spellewauerynsherde, but Jenssen imbues his compositions with a hint of his signature ambience. The ghosts of the past are ushered into a future that’s deliberate, well-paced and often incredibly touching. JT