And you can stream the track here. "Arp is a new project helmed by San Francisco's Alexis Georgopoulos, formerly of Tussle. His presence in that minimalist funk outfit says little about the nature of his new undertaking; while Tussle seem perpetually driven to get the party started, Arp is all about the late-night/early-morning comedown. I associate the name with ARP synthesizers, the analog machines whose presence on an album from the 1970s meant long-form, spacey music for the heads was contained within the vinyl grooves. An ARP was used in an attempt to communicate with aliens at the end of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It seemed then that analog synths might speak the music of the spheres. Direct and easily understood communication seems to be what Arp is shooting for. "Potentialities", from the forthcoming debut In Light, is the sort of thing I hope becomes a trend in electronic music away from the dancefloor. It's all about simple, effective gestures and easy melodicism that still manages to maintain a sense of mystery; the steady bass pulse and drone provide hints of tension, while a soft, descending pattern repeats on top, as the piece slowly modulates in a manner that suggests both travel and stasis. It's a highly musicial approach that doesn't fetishize texture. While it certainly alludes to the world that includes early Kraftwerk, and Cluster, it doesn't seem bound by the era, and "Potentialities" manages to sound appealingly out of time.