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Supersilent: 13

Supersilent: 13

You can’t accuse Supersilent of keeping the noise down. Ever since the Big Crunch of 1997, when Norway’s finest free music outfit came together for the first time, their unpredictable noises and rapturous textures have been heard all around the world – and maybe somewhere outside the stratosphere too. 

Currently a trio featuring Helge ...

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Listen to Bjørn Torske's wonderful mix for Métron Music Mixtape

Listen to Bjørn Torske's wonderful mix for Métron Music Mixtape

Another one of these wonderful mixtapes from Bjørn Torske! Read an interview with Bjørn and listen to the mix here. 


Biosphere - Kobresia
Reverberi - Cat Casanova
Yellow Power - Blue Fusion
Suns of Arqa - World Peace (Edit)
Negril - East side West side
Sabu Martinez - Afro Temple
Lee Ritenour - Slow Glide (Edit)
Balearic Gabba Sound System ...

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Prins Thomas announce Principe Del Norte Remixed

Prins Thomas announce Principe Del Norte Remixed

The following is a message from Prins Thomas regarding the upcoming 2-disc remix album of his most recent release, Principe Del Norte, titled Principe Del Norte Remixed, out 10/14 on Smalltown Supersound:

The further adventures of Principe Del Norte (or "grabbing the panther by the tail"):

Immediately after wrapping up Principe Del Norte, Joakim ...

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Kelly Lee Owens - CBM - Best New Track on Pitchfork

Kelly Lee Owens - CBM - Best New Track on Pitchfork

Kelly Lee Owens' CBM earned a Best New Track on Pitchfork. You can read the review by Philip Sherburne and listen to the track here.

Listen to Kelly Lee Owens' CBM!

New signing Kelly Lee Owens

New signing Kelly Lee Owens

We are happy to announce that Kelly Lee Owens has joined the Smalltown Supersound family. We will release a 4 track 12" EP the 21st of October. For more info head over to The Fader.