Idjut Boys 12" remixed by Bjørn Torske and Prins Thomas

Idjut Boys 12" remixed by Bjørn Torske and Prins Thomas

Smalltown Supersound will release the Idjut Boys album 'Versions', a collection of avant dub/disco jams, on the 28thof August on CD, LP and digital. This 12” is a dancefloor orientated bridge between their last album (their debut album) Cellar Door and Versions.

The combination of Bjørn Torske, Prins Thomas and Idjut Boys is not accidental and “just a bunch of remixes”. Bjørn, Thomas, Dan and Conrad have inspired each other since the early 90s. The respect goes both ways. Idjut Boys were (together with DJ Harvey) the main inspiration to what became known as the Norwegian disco scene (that started around Oslo’s Skansen club). This led to Idjut Boys visiting Norway many times and discovering the talent lurking there and again getting inspired by the Norwegians.

So for us this is a small, but a very special release. A release that connects the dots between Hackney, Oslo, Bergen. And the cosmos.