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Idjut Boys - Versions - out 28. August!

Idjut Boys - Versions - out 28. August!

To say London's Idjut Boys are icons of the dance music scene and legends in their own right is an understatement. For over 20 years, Conrad McDonnell and Dan Tyler have been doing everything together, from DJ’ing to producing to partying. The self-taught Brits met in the late 80s at clubs that the likes ...

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Dungen Allas Sak

Dungen Allas Sak

Dungen Allas Sak The new album out 25 September 2015

Andre Bratten

Andre Bratten

Norway's André Bratten grew up in Oslo on the border between a bustling city and a dense forest. That juxtaposition has informed his sound as he skillfully imbues cosmic disco with intense cerebral techno. He released his debut album Be A Man You Ant (2013) on Prins Thomas' Full Pupp label, and shares a studio with Thomas ...

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Smalltown Supersound interview on Vinyl Factory

Smalltown Supersound interview on Vinyl Factory

One of our favourite sites Vinyl Factory has done an interview with Smalltown Supersound founder Joakim Haugland.
You can read it here

Listen to Andre Bratten

Listen to Andre Bratten

André Bratten Math Ilium Ion out now on LP, CD, digital

We welcome Andre Bratten!

We welcome Andre Bratten!

We`re very happy to welcome André Bratten to the Smalltown Supersound family! You can listen to Yours Sincerely, Andre Bratten on Soundcloud

Andre Bratten: Math Ilium Ion

Andre Bratten: Math Ilium Ion

André Bratten grew up in Oslo on the border between a bustling city and a dense forest. That juxtaposition has informed his sound: Bratten skillfully imbues cosmic disco with intense cerebral techno.

Bratten's cinematic tendency stems from his experience as a theater score composer, while his dancier side is influenced by the Norwegian disco ...

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Dungen frontman/mastermind Gustav Ejstes has been making music for nearly twenty years—at first for himself, then eventually and inevitably for all of us. As a teenager in rural Sweden, he became obsessed with hip-hop and sampling. Digging through crates and searching for obscure source material provided him with an informal education in ‘60s ...

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DJ Harvey's Wildest Dreams

DJ Harvey's Wildest Dreams

“Rabid acid spiked jams. A wild ride” - The Wire
“[Wildest Dreams] transports you to the non-stop cosmic beach party in Harvey’s head” - Uncut
“Wildest Dreams makes good on its title” - Mojo

Wildest Dreams are a Modern Day Equivalent of the L.A wrecking crew. They make music inspired by the landscape of L.A ...

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Andre Bratten

Andre Bratten

Andre Bratten Listen to Math Ilium Ion

Dan Lissvik

Dan Lissvik

"Thanks to all involved. See you in another shape and form,” Dan Lissvik wrote in 2012 when Swedish duo Studio officially called it quits. Now the influential group's founder is finally back with a brand new 12” for Smalltown Supersound titled “Shuvit!”. While Studio was never focused on making dance music, more ...

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