Nisennenmondai European tour

European Tour Date in Late May/early June 2011

May 25 Primavera Sound Festival,Barcelona,Spain
May 26 Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival,Dudingen,Switzerland
May 27 Palace,St Gallen,Switzerland
May 28 Spot Festival,Aarhus,Denmark
May 29 Festsaal,Belin,Germany
May 30 Strand,Stockholm,Sweden
May 31 Skjul Fyra Sex,Gothenberg,Sweden
June 1st Mixtape Distortion 2011,Copenhagen,Denmark (afternoon)
June 1st Jazzhouse,Copenhagen,Denmark (night)
June 3rd Temps Machine,Tours,France
June 4th Nuits Sonores Festival,Lyon,France
June 5th Grim,Marseille,France

All Tomorrow's Parties " NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS" Dec 10th Butlin Holiday Centre,Minehead,UK(NISENNENMONDAI will play on BATTLES curating day)

  • Kelly Lee Owens: Kelly Lee Owens

    Kelly Lee Owens: Kelly Lee Owens

    Even in the increasingly crowded field of electronic music, Kelly Lee Owens’ debut album arrives as a wonderful surprise. An album that bridges the gaps between cavernous techno, spectral pop, and krautrock’s mechanical pulse, Kelly Lee Owens brims with exploratory wonder, establishing a personal aesthetic that is as beguiling as it is thrillingly ...

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  • Carmen Villain: Infinite Avenue

    Carmen Villain: Infinite Avenue

    We’re all on our own unique emotional road trips. Infinite Avenue happens to be Carmen’s. Here she is, holed up in the Motel Nowheresville, unpacking a suitcase full of stories of guilt, desire, rage, apathy, love and friendship, loneliness, nature, inner demons and other tales of twenty-first century womanhood. Carmen Villain is half-Norwegian and half-Mexican ...

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  • Deathprod: Treetop Drive / Imaginary Songs From Tristan da Cunha / Morals And Dogma

    Deathprod: Treetop Drive / Imaginary Songs From Tristan da Cunha / Morals And Dogma

    Deathprod’s 3 minimalist masterpieces available for the first time on vinyl and digital

    Cut to vinyl by Rashad Becker (Dubplates & Mastering)

    Comes in black gatefold sleeves with japanese obi. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl

    Treetop Drive (1994) - Imaginary Songs from Tristan da Cunha (1996) - Morals and Dogma (2004)


    Based in Oslo ...

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