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Great K-X-P live review in TheLineOfBestFit

K-X-P – The Lexington, London 19/01/11
by Matthias Scherer on 24. Jan, 2011 in Live Reviews

“Why would people want to listen to Salem”, asked professional whiner and self-appointed “last rock critic standing” Christopher Weingarten last year, “when there are hundreds of bands doing the same thing but better?” (we’re paraphrasing slightly – he ...

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Bjørn Torske: 8/10 in Future Music Magazine

The one thing you’re guaranteed with an album of Norwegian House is a skewed generic interpretation, and as if to justify that statement, Bjorn Torske has made a record about his dinner; Kokning referring to the process of putting the potatoes on while you pop out to sea to catch the main course.

Since ...

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New girly t-shirts available

We have new Smalltown Supersound girly logo t-shirts available at our mailorder now. Designed by Kim Hiorthoy and with a special Smalltown tag in the neck. This girly versions are printed on American Apparel´s Form-fitting Sheer Jersey. You can order them


. Here you will also get info about sizes and colours et al.

New Smalltown Supersound t-shirts ready

Finally we have a new batch of Smalltown Supersound logo t-shirts ready! We have got many mails from people who wanted these and now we have new ones ready, they are printed on American Apparel, and they are designed by Kim Hiorthoy and they even have a cool Smalltown Supersound tag in the neck. You ...

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Bjørn Torske Fact review

Check out this nice Bjørn Torske review in Fact Magazine



Smalltown artists Grammy nominated

Smalltown Supersound has 3 artists nominated for the Norwegian Grammy Award (in Norwegian called Spellemannsprisen). The nominees are:

Bjørn Torske "Kokning" (best electronica album)
Lindstrøm & Christabelle "Real Life Is No Cool" (best electronica album)
Serena Maneesh "No 2: Abyss in B Minor" (best rock album).

Note: Serena Maneesh album is only released by Smalltown ...

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ARP news + another mix

Check out

this article

about ARP with news about the new album . Also, check out another one of those great ARP mixes



Lindstrøm remixes Glasser

Lindstrøm has just done a great remix for Glasser, you can hear it on Pitchfork here.

Kim Hiorthøy in Elephant Magazine

The new issue of Elephant Magazine has a great 8 pages feature about Kim Hiorthøy and his art and graphic design. The magazine is out now. More info



Bjørn Torske: Resident Advisor review

Check out this nice Resident Advisor review of Bjørn Torske's wonderful "Kokning" album here.

If Bjørn Torske's notorious of late as the guy hobo disco lover Prins Thomas claimed he'd want to sign if money were no object, it ain't like the dude hadn't already left a long shadow over ...

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K-X-P: European tour announced


14: Hasselt, BE, Kunstencentrum
15: Utrecht, NL, Tivoli
17: Brussels, BE, Magasin 4
18: London, UK, Video Shoot.
19: London, UK, Lexington
20: Dublin, IRL, Button Factory
21: Kilkenny, IRL, Cleere's Theatre
22: Cork, Myrtleville, IRL, Pine Lodge
23: Cork, IRL, Crane Lane theatre.
24: Glasgow, Scotland, Captains Rest
26: Leeds, UK, Brudenell ...

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Bjørn Torske: Album of the week at Piccadilly Records

Bjørn Torske's Kokning is album of the week at Piccadilly Records. The vinyl on this release is very sold out but it seems that Piccadilly has some in stock so this is one of the last chances of getting this masterpiece on the good old wax. You can order it from Piccadilly here. Note ...

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Mungolian Jetset 12" still available

There is still some copies of the Mungolian Jetset "Moon Jocks and Prog Rocks" 12" available from our mailorder. You can find it here. Also you can listen to a stream of the titletrack on the Starfish & Pink Clouds blog here.

Sold-out vinyls still available from our mailorder

We get emails from people saying that vinyls is sold out and that they can`t find them etc. We remind you that you can still get most of these from our mailorder. Go to the mailorder here . This is what is available still: Lindstrøm & Christabelle "Lovesick" (with Four Tet remix) 12" Diskjokke "En ...

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