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Listen to Aeroplane remix of Lindstrøm & Christabelle

Check out Aeroplane`s remix of Lindstrøm & Christabelle`s Baby Can`t Stop track here

Mungolian Jetset Mojo review

"Oslo meets Ibiza meets Tashkent in this double set from the mysterious Norwegian nu-balearic collective who source nominal dance music from a smorgasboard of slow-motion beats, cosmic chants and pilfered bits of disco, prog and soft rock. It`s bonkers, but compelling" (3/5, MOJO)

Serena-Maneesh to sign with 4AD

Our good friends Serena-Maneesh (whom we where lucky to release SM Backwards with) has signed with 4AD. This is a perfect match. Congratulations guys!

Annie: Song of the day at Popjustic

Check out the opening track "Hey Annie" of the forthcoming album "Don`t Stop". Popjustice Song Of The Day here

Annie and Lindstrøm`s Best Of The Decade lists

Check out Annie`s and Lindstrøm`s best of the decade list at Pitchfork here

Some old stuff now available again

We`ve released some of our old releases digitally for the first time now. All these albums are out of print and hard to find. Still they are pretty good and we`re proud of our back catalouge. So here they are, the old Supersounds: Stuntbike "Gone", Epikurs Euforie "Heart Sounds" (check out the Oakland ...

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Annie: Unofficial video at Popjustice now

Check out the unofficial video for Songs Reminds Me Of You on Popjustice here