Nissenenmondai: Neji/Tori

Nissenenmondai: Neji/Tori

Smalltown Supersound is extremely proud to introduce Nisennenmondai for audiences outside of Japan for the first time. Nisennenmondai means “Year 2000 Problem'' and is an instrumental Japanese girl trio from Tokyo.

Visits to Tokyo by Lightning Bolt, Battles and No Age and others have unearthed these three girls with the mammoth sound. Prefuse 73 said in an interview with Dazed & Confused  ”John Stanier from Battles had told me that they were sick. They start to play. Next thing you know, these three tiny diminutive women were making us look like idiots because they were so incredible”. The band also appears in Hella`s  tourvideo “Concentration Face” DVD that was shot on tour in Japan.

 With song titles such as This Heat, Sonic Youth and Pop Group, one understand which musical territory the band comes from, and if you ad Black Flag, DNA, Neu! and Pere Ubu you are pretty close to Nisennenmondais sound. It’s raw and repetitive (post) punk instrumentals, at the same time as they are wild groovy with a no wave/disco vibe to it. The band is now signed to Smalltown Supersound. This is the first release outside of Japan and it contains the bands two EPs “Neji” and Tori” released as one album with new cover design by Kim Hiorthoy.