Everybody seem to love the Sunkissed compilationn and raving reviews keeps coming in every day! Today a great 5 out of 6 review came in from Time Out London. "G-Ha and Olanskii are regulars at Fabric, but this is the sound of Norwegian electronica, space disco and percussive, rockin` dance tunes as championed at their seven-year-old club in Oslo. As the name of their label suggests, from small scene(s) a lot of super sounds and artists have emerged, of which Todd Terje, Lindstrom, Prins Thomas, Lindbaek (all of whom deliver remixes) and Bjorn Torske are most familiar, but there are many great, mostly littleknown tracks to savour" (5/6 Time Out London)

  • From Abba to Zappa. Prins Thomas recommends:

    From Abba to Zappa. Prins Thomas recommends:

    From Abba to Zappa is music recommendations from Prins Thomas. Enjoy!

    Pat Metheny - Secret Story: Beauty in maximalism

    An unholy marriage between the slickest sound ever achieved by anyone, the most beautiful chord progressions known to the human ear, drippings (and droppings) of "world music” for the lack of a better world… Unexplained and sudden ...

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  • A Personal Note about: Deathprod trilogy

    A Personal Note about: Deathprod trilogy

    A Personal Note are thoughts, feelings, reflections and insights to our releases written by Smalltown Supersound’s founder.

    Deathprod’s Treetop Drive has been with me since I bought it when it was released on Metal Art Disco (a subsidary of Voices of Wonder) in 1994 (thank you to Christian Nedregård who first signed Deathprod and also ...

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  • Prins Thomas US tour in June

    Prins Thomas US tour in June

    Thu June 1 - Cambridge, MA @ Middlesex Lounge / Make It New
    Fri June 2 - Detroit, MI @ Marble Bar
    Sat June 3 - Brooklyn, NY @ Good Room / Beats in Space Residency
    Sun June 4 - Montreal, Canada @ Piknic Electronik
    Thu June 8 - San Francisco, CA @ Monarch / Sunset Sound System
    Fri June 9 - Los Angeles, CA @ Lot 613 / Prototype x ...

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